Robinhood Archery Club
Fremont, Nebraska
Leagues & Classes

Mondays starting June 16th at 7:00PM at Camp Calvin Crest in the parking area where the 3Ds are held.  We will be shooting 40, 50, and 60 yards at the 122cm target (it's big!!).  3 ends of 5 arrows at each distance (45 arrows / 450 total points possible).
Cost is $3.50/week for members and $4.50/week for non-members. Ten week league - all scores are handicapped.

Wednesdays starting June 18th at the Izaak Walton League archery range.  Six week league, $7.00 for members and $14.00 for non-members (covers the entire 6 weeks).

Adult Indoor FITA 600 Target League - Spring 2014  (Current Results)


Adult Indoor NFAA 300 Target League - Fall 2013 (Final Results)  

General League Information:

Robinhood Archery Club hosts both summer and winter leagues. 
  • Summer leagues vary - see above for details.
  • Winter spot target leagues are held at the Indoor Range.  These leagues are usually held on Mondays starting at 7:00PM.   Brad Johannesen is the coordinator for the target league on Mondays and can be contacted at 727-1842.  
  • Winter paper animal target Leagues are usually held on Wednesdays at 7:00PM.  Dave Kerschinske coordinates the animal league and can be contacted at 727-2366.
All leagues are handicapped to make them fun for shooters of all skill levels and styles of shooting. 

League fees:
  • $3.50 per night ($35.00/ten weeks or $28.00/8 weeks) for club members.  
  • $4.50 per night for non-members.
  • One-half of the league fees are returned as awards to the league winners.  The number of winning places is determined by the number of league participants.  Everyone is welcome!

Past League Results:

Adult Indoor 300 Target League - Spring 2013   
Final Results

Adult Animal Target League - Spring 2013    
Final Results

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